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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – April 14, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • A new issue regarding the maritime borders demarcation in the south, what ‘s going on in the Karish field?
  • The dollar is sold to importers from Banque du Liban platform at the rate of 10,000 LBP
  • The Environmental Bank is an initiative in Minnieh that stimulates waste sorting from the source

The official performance in Lebanon is an endless farce. On the presidential and governmental levels, we are watching a real scene. On the first hand, the President of a resigned government refuses to convene a meeting, even in the context of taking necessary measures. On the other hand, a Prime Minister designate is indifferent towards the governmental latter and prefers to attribute the task to Ambassadors. Regardless of the aforementioned, the failed state insists on fighting the harshest battles under the most attractive slogans. The last battle the quasi-Lebanese state fought was the battle of amending the decree regarding the maritime borders between Lebanon and Israel. Certainly, such a latter must be considered until the last breath, but the way the latter is treated won’t be successful. Amending government decrees requires a governmental session and a decision to be necessarily issued, so how can a decision be delivered in the absence of a government? We have reached such a stage because the resigned government is not willing to convene a meeting, and because there are no news regarding the long-awaited government, and so the case will remain as is until the end of President Michel Aoun’s term.

Dear Honorable officials, kindly be up to the responsibilities entrusted to you before you think about anything else. Give up your sensitivity and your little desires to be able to think about the big issues. Help the Lebanese house which you are responsible for turning it into a glass house, then feel free to choose your battles. At that moment, Lebanese citizens will be there to support you, in case you are truly willing to consider the demarcation border latter! The case was just as correct as amending Lebanon’s maritime borders, but the fear today is that your failure, your recklessness, and perhaps your conspiracy will lead Lebanon to lose “the last hope” in exploiting its own oil wealth. Will that be all you’re asking for? To waste the wealth of the future the same way you have thrown away today’s wealth?

On the political level, Lebanon is suspended between two visits, the visit of the US Under Secretary of State to Lebanon and the visit of the Prime Minister-designate to Moscow. In the end, the two visits will not achieve any results. Hale is ready to leave office, while Hariri Palace is not investing any efforts to take office. Isn’t it the reason why Baabda Palace became off the beaten track to Hariri, in comparison with Moscow, Rome and the Vatican?

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