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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – April 26, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Scanners were blocked, cross-border smuggling was activated, covered by system of corruption.
  • The absence of state authority and control over public departments threatens the agricultural sector.
  • The financing card is referred to the Parliament, the ” Central ” is giving up, and subsidies are being removed.

Baabda Palace was the center of the political movement today. In the morning, an unexpected meeting was held between the President of the Republic and the Maronite Patriarch. The purpose of the meeting was clear, since it was held after Rahi’s statements on Sunday during the Sunday sermon. The statements oppose the covenant trends, whether at the governmental level or at the level of Judge Ghada Aoun’s performance regarding Mecattaf Company. Away from the events of the meeting, it is proven that Aoun’s positions do not coincide at all with Patriarch Rahi’s positions. While the Patriarch is calling for the formation of a government the sooner possible, believing that there is no basic justification preventing the formation of the government, on the other hand, the President of the Republic is not willing to pave the way to a government in which he does not have a guarantor or “blocking third”, nor to form a government that does not bring back MP Gebran Bassil to the political life.

Obviously, the government formation issue remains as is, it has been six months, and no news appear to resolve the government issue as long as tense relations are arising between the President of the Republic and Bassil on the one hand, and President Saad Hariri on the other hand. The two teams disagree, fight, and quarrel over shares and gains, while the entire nation is a corpse and the state his collapsing. This is regarding the first meeting. As for the second meeting held in Baabda, it was devoted to tackle the Saudi Decision related to the kingdom’s blocking the import of Lebanese vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately, it came without result as expected. Only a statement overflowing with fraternal feelings was delivered, but it lacks any practical measure to reassure Saudi Arabia and other countries of the seriousness of the Lebanese decisions that are being taken.

When will our officials realize countries can no longer be tolerant, and that only one main thing is required, to watch the state exercising sovereignty across Lebanon. However, how are we asking officials to strengthen the state while they are the creation of Hezbollah and are keen to meet its demands and interests, even at the expense of Lebanon?

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