| 10 December 2023, Sunday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for April 12, 2022


Republic of Lebanon or Republic of “Amal”?

Amal movement and its sources might be telling the truth regarding the explosion that took place in the town of Benafoul in the Sidon district. The explosion could be just an accident resulting from the explosion of an oxygen bottle. The problem, however, is that the practices done by the dominant militia make many skeptical of Amal’s narrative. as soon as the explosion occurred, the movement,surrounded the place and prevented entry to it, as well as preventing journalists from carrying out their duties in this context. Do we live in the Lebanese Republic or in the Republic of Amal Movement? Is Banafoul a Lebanese town, or is it a town affiliated with Amal movement? Is it permissible to turn Lebanon into security squares, while we talk day and night about the sovereignty of the Lebanese state over its lands? Politically, it is no better, as Gebran Bassil continues his blind submission to Amal-Hezbollah duo. He handed over all his papers to the duo in exchange for them keeping his “piece” of the parliamentary ‘cake”, meaning that he would have a weighty mass in the 2022 parliament. Congratulations to Gebran Basil for this false victory. As for you, the Lebanese, remember that the year is a pivotal one, and that your country needs you, and the electoral duty is calling you. So participate massively in the upcoming elections. “Your voices are our legitimate weapon, to “extract them and prevail”.

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