| 8 December 2022, Thursday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for June 5, 2022

So that Lebanon does not become a rogue state

Externally, the pace of developments related to the Lebanese issue is accelerating. At the international level, the Vatican and France are seeking to unravel the complex that impedes the regular functioning of official institutions, the formation of a post-election government, and the election of a new president to prevent entering the deadly vacuum.
French President Emmanuel Macron is striving to hold a rescue conference for Lebanon to prevent it from falling into taboo and turning into a rogue state.

Externally as well, and among the attempts of the Israeli enemy to continuously encroach on our land, water and space, an Israeli ship entered the disputed maritime area, which is a very dangerous matter that may lead to Lebanon losing part of its maritime property, and thus requires more than a mere verbal response from the caretaker prime minister, the appropriate response would be to resume negotiations through the American mediator and move towards the United Nations to establish Lebanon’s maritime borders and its right to its oil and gas wealth.

Internally, the social situation is on the verge of an explosion due to the rampant high prices, the loss of medicines and foodstuffs, and the spread of social pests, especially the manufacture, trade and abuse of drugs, while political forces are distracted by the sex of angels.

In this atmosphere, the people of solution and connection must rise above small matters and look at the dangers that await the small country from all sides, and activate the work of government institutions and speed up setting the date for binding parliamentary consultations and the formation of a government capable of lifting Lebanon out of its stifling crisis, and intensifying contacts and consultations, starting from this moment, to elect a new president within the constitutional deadlines.


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