| 26 June 2022, Sunday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin, for May 18, 2022

Three dangerous results of Parliamentary elections

The elections are over, and their critical and dangerous results began to emerge. The first result relates to the presidency of the House of Representatives. As the political forces that revolve in Hezbollah’s orbit want Nabih Berri as Speaker of Parliament. On the other hand, the sovereign and change forces, consider that the experience of Nabih Berri in the presidency of the House of Representatives for thirty years is sufficient, and did not prove a great success. So, is there a way to reconcile the two views? Or will Berri’s presidency this time be surrounded by strong and fierce opposition? The second result is governmental. The forces that call themselves the “opposition” felt their weakness in Parliament, so they began to demand daily a national unity government. But it is clear that the sovereign forces and the forces of change, do not want to participate in a government during the end of Michel Aoun’s era. In this case, what will happen? Are we entering an open government crisis? The third result is presidential. It is clear that the current balance of power does not allow any of the parties to deliver a specific candidate to the presidency. Does this mean that we will also enter into a presidential vacuum that may end only with a complete and integrated settlement? For all of these reasons, the situation is abnormal, and matters are escalating… Will the new parliament be the spark that sounds the beginning of a resolution, and the final whistle for the Lebanese crisis, which is open to all possibilities?


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