| 6 July 2022, Wednesday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for May 28, 2022

May God save Lebanon from the worst!

What is the reason for the sharp fluctuations in the price of the dollar? Are the aforementioned fluctuations for purely economic reasons, or are they linked to politics in one way or another?

First: let’s describe the reality. The reality indicates that what Lebanon witnessed between yesterday and today is unprecedented. In less than twenty-four hours, the dollar exchange rate deteriorated from 37,500 pounds to 27,500 pounds, meaning that it fell ten thousand pounds at once. Which has not happened before. The reasons and motives are many analyzes, as well as the readings. However, despite its plurality, the conclusion is one: Lebanon has become a ship traveling without a captain, in which everything is possible.

The President of the Republic is only concerned with securing the succession for his son-in-law, Gebran Bassil. In the event that he does not achieve this, his goal is to strengthen the political position of Gebran Bassil before he leaves Baabda Palace.

As for the government, it is in the process of conducting business in the very narrow sense of the word. Its president hopes that he will be re-assigned to form the new government, although it is a difficult matter under the new council, so that we do not say that it is impossible.

And between the presidency and the government, a parliament is preparing to elect a president, a vice president, and a body for his office before he begins his oversight and legislative work. In light of such absent and absent constitutional institutions, are we surprised by what happened? The loose state teaches people what is forbidden and only leads to chaos. Therefore, “God save us from the greatest”!


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