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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Monday, November 22, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Lebanon’s independence during the era of Aoun: divisions, business conduct, disruption and hell
  • The three presidents.. meeting in one car and distancing in one country
  • Lebanon receives Russian satellite images of Beirut port.. Is the reality of the bombing close?

The seventy-eighth anniversary of Independence Day came this year, with Lebanon, the country and the people, in the worst cases of exploitation. The state is kidnapped as its decision, and no words rise above the power of the illegal weapons.

A symbolic orphan military parade held by the Lebanese army in Yarzeh, did not hide the state’s fall into the grip of the statelet that made Lebanon independent of its independence, its surroundings, and its affiliation.

The only comprehensive picture in the scattered and disintegrated state was of the “presidency car” that gathered the three presidents under its roof and crammed the three presidents into less than two square meters and transported them from Yarzeh to Baabda, and everything else is distance and fragmentation.

Independence this year lacks the most basic elements of sovereignty and independence, as acknowledged by the country’s President, General Michel Aoun, who addressed the Lebanese on the eve of the anniversary with descriptive, despairing constructivist speeches about a nation struggling with death with an overdose of the disintegration of power that accumulates failure.

President of the Republic’s speech summary in the Independence Message: There is no Independence Day in 2021, just a memory.

According to the requirements of the narrative, the president enumerated the country’s crises as follows:

  • An unprecedented financial and monetary crisis, economic atrophy, high rates of unemployment, immigration and poverty
  • A stifling living and health crisis
  • A governmental crisis
  • A legal crisis
  • A diplomatic crisis

The President of the Republic did not reveal anything new to the people. His speech is a distorted copy of the speeches he addressed in the past years of the age of the covenant. Does the real official abide to describing? Is this what the people were hoping for from the strong president? And by the way: If this covenant is really strong, how can the weak covenant be?

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