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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Saturday 11 September 2021

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– Mikati’s government: pressure, satisfaction, indifference
– the dollar fell down, the dollar soar up, what are the controlling aspects?
– 9/11 anniversary .. Biden reveals secrets

And after a long wait, the fourth covenant government was born. The joy of a caesarean section, does not mean that we turn a blind eye to profit and loss accounts. Who won and who lost by forming the Miqati government? Many winners, first of all, the Covenant and the Free Patriotic Movement. They have already exhausted two chiefs in charge of the government, and almost exhausted the third, for the sake of the blocking third. This blocking third was achieved, “and much more”. Consequently, Najib Mikati granted the President of the Republic’s team, a free gift, that he had never dreamt of. The second winner is Hezbollah, most of the government is his, and he controls its basic joints, whether directly or through an intermediary. This explains the pressure exerted by the party on President Nabih Berri not to object to it. As for the third winner, it is the French-Iranian duo, who entered into the Aoun-Mikati path, through the two sons-in-law, and succeeded where many failed, the last of whom was Major General Abbas Ibrahim. Of course, Macron and Raeisi would not have succeeded, without the presence of an American dome that allowed the Lebanese government to prevail the entitlement.

On the other hand, the losers are many, the most prominent of which are two. The first biggest loser, is Saad Hariri, as Mikati succeeded where he failed, which earns Mikati an additional point in order to become the number one man of the Sunni street. With Hariri’s popularity dwindling on daily basis, and the Future Movement sagging, Mikati could, if he succeeds in his governmental mission, erode Hariri’s popularity. The second and most important loser remains, the Lebanese people.

This government, with its composition, ministers, and way of formation, means only one thing, the system secured its continuity and succeeded in eliminating any interim hope for change. The corrupt, and instead of being behind bars, they re- consolidated their positions, and the people’s vampires remained in power, through a group of affiliated specialists. And to complete the farce, it was found that the “independent” ministers have “gangs” who fill the skies with stray bullets, as happened with the Minister of Works Ali Hamiyah in his town of Taraya. And in order to apply the farce’s final touch, the Minister of Social Affairs informed us about the need to stop using diapers and Kleenex. How can we be optimistic about a government which program is:  Yes, to bullets, no to diapers!