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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Saturday, July 31, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • A wave of anger next week and a political movement to dissolve the government’s contract
  • Who took out nitrates from the port?
  • A year after the explosion, live testimonies from living witnesses

The coming week is politically and popularly decisive. The anniversary of the fourth of August will be a turning point for the popular movement. The port crime and the daily criminal attempts to obstruct the investigation by the ruling system will move the street and will launch a popular wave that everyone knows how to start and no one knows how it ends.

It is clear that public opinion is strongly disturbed by the corruption system, especially against the conspiracies that are being cooked up in the House of Representatives to prevent the lifting of the immunities of the resigned Prime Minister, ministers and representatives, as well as the ongoing conspiracies to prevent the lifting of immunities from the security. From here, anger will explode in the street on the fourth of August. noting that what will happen on this day that isn’t important as much as what happens after it. If people return to their homes, this means that officials and security forces will return to the policy of dilution, and no real official will be subject to investigation.

Meanwhile, Mikati is taking advantage of the weekend to evaluate the three visits he made to Baabda Palace, and Monday will be decisive. If an agreement is reached on the ministry of interior and ministry of justice with President of the Republic, this means that things are easy and that things may see the light soon. But if it turns out that the two contracts are the same, then Mikati will gradually turn into another Saad Hariri project, with the only difference that Mikati will draw disappointment like Hariri without dragging the country behind his irresponsible adventures for 9 whole months.

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