| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Saturday, October 30, 2021.

– George Qordahi’s recklessness isolates Lebanon from the Gulf states… and Mikati’s government sways.
– Riyadh summons its ambassador in Beirut, and asks the Lebanese ambassador to leave
– The Gulf Cooperation Council followed Saudi Arabia example, and began expelling Lebanese ambassadors

This time, there are no compromises, and no settlements, according to the principle of no winner and no loser. Saudi Arabia Kingdom, along with the Gulf states, rejected, denounced and condemned, Minister of Information Georges Qordahi’s statements, the minute they were stated, and Saudi diplomacy moved in all directions. In return, the Lebanese government’s reaction was not at the required level, and its president, Najib Mikati, was not up to his responsibility. We heard, of course, Mikati’s statement, which he made after Qordahi’s video was spread, in which he tried to mitigate the impact of the Information Minister’s statements, but at the same time we heard Qordahi’s statement, who insisted on his stance, and did not apologize. Are those two stances responsible? Is it normal that the prime minister cannot ask a minister in his government to do something? Then, is this how an issue related to the interest of about one million Lebanese who have direct economic and financial ties to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, is dealt with? And so, this is how the diplomatic relations between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia were severed, and between Lebanon and Bahrain, then between Lebanon and Kuwait, and the rest will come, as all the Gulf states will apparently follow Saudi Arabia’s example. In the face of this catastrophic situation, radical treatments are almost absent. Qardahi insists on his stance and will not resign, at least till now, while his godfather Suleiman Franjieh visited Bkerke, and confirmed from there that he grants Qordahi all the freedom in making the decision he deems appropriate! As long as this is the case, the full responsibility rests with Qordahi. So, Honorable Minister of Information, you know well the reality of the internal and regional political situation, and you know that in the region, there is a fierce battle between the Arabs and the Persian axis, which is mistakenly called the axis of resistance. You also know that Lebanon is an Arab country, with its identity and belonging, and that its interests are with the Gulf and Arab states, not with Iran, which sends nothing but machinery of death and destruction to it. Therefore, what you said, constitutes a crime against Lebanon and its relations with the Arab countries. Have the courage to resign, because you are putting the lives of a million Lebanese at risk. If you resign, you will be like someone who made a mistake, but tried to limit its devastating consequences. But if you do not resign, you will be committing a major sin against more than a million Lebanese. Between a mistake that you can partially correct, and a sin that will not be forgiven, which would you choose?