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Sawt Beirut International news bulletin for Sunday 25 July 2021

A brief of today’s new bulletin:

  • A national crime to be committed by MPs tomorrow by designating a corrupt prime minister
  • Tripoli’s citizens reflect their pessimism and apathy about Mikati
  • Is the federal system in Lebanon a problem or a solution?

In principle, and if the country didn’t witness any unanticipated developments in the last moments, Najib Mikati will be a designated prime minister tomorrow afternoon. This is good news, however, it is also bad news. It is good because Lebanon is in dire need for designating a prime minister to form the government after 11-months stalemate. However, the bad news is that Mikati will be nominated to form the government.

Who would have believed that after the October 17 revolution, a political figure like Mikati would return to the political front? Is it permissible to go back and is Lebanon destined to move from bad to worse? Likewise, who would have believed that after the era’s crime, Mikati would return to the helm of responsibility, even though the nitrate ship has entered the port during his reign.

For those who don’t know Mikati, he is a conspicuous symbol of political corruption in Lebanon, and his scandals are uncountable. His first corrupt practices started with brining the cell phone into Lebanon with the blessing of Syria, and does not end with the housing loans. However, other scandals have not been highlighted yet, concerning the profits that Mikati and his sons collected from controlling ‘touch’. Data reveals that that a company, affiliated to Mikati, collects the fees from touch’s subscribers. The latter has also received $1 million fresh from credit cards outside Lebanon, but has insisted on paying it to touch at the official exchange rate (1,500 LBP), to achieve illegal profits.

With such corrupt performance, is it possible to build the new Lebanon? Are these the principles and foundations that October 17 revolutionaries have  battled for? It is the worst era par excellence, at a time when Najib Mikati becomes the solution, knowing that he is one of the intractable problems in Lebanon.

Najib Mikati is a corrupt figure who practices his corruption in every process, so prosecute him and imprison him instead of giving him power. Does the person who can never be entrusted deserve to be given power and responsibilities?

  • Sawt Beirut International