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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Sunday, December 26, 2021

In today’s news bulletin
– The Arab coalition reveals evidence of Hezbollah’s involvement in the Yemeni war
– Will the Lebanese wake up at the beginning of the year, to an official dollar of six thousand pounds?
-Despite the economic crisis, restaurants are “full” and reservations in fresh dollars
In the region there is a problem named Iran, and in Lebanon, a problem named Hezbollah. The Problem in Iran lies within the wali Al Faqih and the Mullahs, who control the government’s decision, the laters who were behind the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1978, did not, and probably will not believe, that the world has changed. What was prevalent in the last century no longer has a place in the current century. The Wali al-Faqih and the mullahs consider it their duty to export the Islamic Revolution from Iran to various countries of the world. This is a strange and weird theory that “makes no sense,” as the common saying goes.
And only as a reminder, the Soviet Union, which throughout the past century sought to export the communist revolution, put most of its forces and capabilities at the service of its project, and distributed it to all parts of the world, then ended in its downfall and collapse. Will the Iranian wali Al Faqih learn before it is too late? Or will he continue his escalatory and provocative policy in the entire region? Most likely, the Iranian regime, based on expansion in the region, is unable to return to the interior, especially since it has created many military and security arms, most notably Hezbollah, such arms have turned into a problem in their countries as well.
Hezbollah has turned in Lebanon, into a statelet within the state. It is rather a statelet which is stronger than the state, so how can a state be built in this situation? The most dangerous thing is that Hezbollah behaves in the region as it behaves with the Lebanese state. It fought in Syria and Iraq, and is still fighting in Yemen, as the spokesman for the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen confirmed today, giving evidences. In this case, which country are our officials talking about? And what does Michel Aoun, the powerful president, think of what his ally, Hezbollah, is doing? Is this the strong state that he promised us, more than five years ago? Dear President, After the irrefutable evidence of Hezbollah’s involvement in wars against the Arab peoples, will you dare to tell him, Enough?!