| 24 May 2024, Friday |

‘Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Thursday, October 7, 2021

In todays news bulletin:

– Abdullahian in Beirut, and his most notable recipient, rise in dollar exchange rate.
– The Lebanese expatriates stand up for their right to vote, and warn the Parliament
– Electricité du Liban, not managed…and de facto militants, control its transformers

The remarkable rise in the dollar exchange rate coinciding with the visit of the Iranian Foreign Minister to Lebanon, is something obvious. For the Iranian regime and ruins are correlative. Any country or region it controls, brings it to chaos and devestation. As in Yemen, so is in Lebanon. “All are equal.” It is all visibly clear. But what is not clear, is Hussein Amir Abdollahian speaking with love, affection and friendliness, as if Iran is Lebanon’s incubator, and not the country that violates its sovereignty and tries always to put it under its guardianship. Perhaps reading between the lines of Abdullahian’s statements, reveals the truth of the Iranian perception of Lebanon. As soon as the head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry arrived at Beirut airport, he conveyed the Iranian President’s greetings to “the dear Lebanese people, the valiant resistance, and the brotherly Lebanese government.”With this hierarchy, Abdullahian spoke, which confirms once again, that for Iran, the resistance, which means Hezbollah of course, is prior to the government, emanating from the Parliament, and elected by the Lebanese people as a whole.
Doesen’t that show the Iranian factional view of Lebanon, and that it prioritizes its relationship with Hezbollah over its relationship with the Lebanese state? indeed, therefore, let Abdullahian stop mocking us, and quit those suggestions that his country cares about the interest of the Lebanese state. Another matter was revealed by the Iranian Foreign Minister’s statements . He declared that his country stands firmly by Lebanon’s side in order to break the unjust siege it is being subjected to. But Lebanon, contrary to what Abdullahian is saying, is not besieged, neither by America, nor by anyone else, or else, how do we explain the aid it is getting from brotherly and friendly countries? In fact, Lebanon is living a diplomatic isolation, due to the Iranian hegemony, and turning it into a platform, for an axis that is moving against the movement of history. It is the axis of obstruction, as its owners call it.
And thus, what is required from Iran, is one matter only, to lift its hands off Lebanon, because it is the reason for most of our misfortunes. Iran, stop making us a front line for you, and your futile wars, and strategic ambitions. Then, you can be sure that Arab and international isolation will be broken, and that prosperity will return to Lebanon!