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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Elections between sovereigns and non-sovereigns!

The electoral battle is getting more and more intense on daily basis. Slogans are raised on roads and in the streets, promising people many things, most of which are repeated every four years. In general,  slogans and electoral programs are a positive matter, as it enriches the political discourse and opens new horizons and other dimensions to the electorate, and thus to the citizens. But the situation in Lebanon is different from the situation in other countries of the world. We are living in an exceptional situation, where the first title is the existence of two states, not one. The second, is the existence of a legitimate army that garners the confidence of the Lebanese, and an illegitimate army that annoys most bulk of them. The third title is the existence of two economies: the first is legitimate, and the second is an auxiliary one, that has nothing to do with the laws in force financially, not only in Lebanon but in all countries of the world. What we have mentioned above about national sovereignty, the army, and the economy applies to everything in Lebanon. We are at a crossroads, and in front of two projects. Either we are with Lebanon the entity, the homeland and the state, i.e. with the Lebanese Lebanon, or we are with Lebanon the statelet and the illegitimate military force and the decision issued by a non-state, i.e. with Iranian Lebanon. So, there is no need for many slogans in battle. The real battle is between the sovereign and the non-sovereign, between the real Lebanese people, and the Lebanese who are turning to Iran. Therefore, elections are crucial, and participation in them is a national duty. So, will we recover through democracy a homeland that we lost by weapons?

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