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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Tuesday, October 26, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Positions denouncing the judiciary, which is biased to Hezbollah and the Lebanese forces: summoning Geagea is illegal
  • Saeed: To confront the Iranian occupation by demanding Aoun and Mikati’s resignation
  • On the eve of the day of anger, a general closure and sit-ins, so will anyone hear the cry of the misery people?

Two weeks after the Tayouneh and Ain El Remmaneh clashes: what was ambiguous has become crystal clear. What happened was not between the Lebanese Forces members and Amal and Hezbollah members, but it was rather a dispute and a battle of other dimensions.

Tayouneh and Ain El Remmaneh clashes were between political forces and Lebanese who want a Lebanese state, and other Lebanese who want an Iranian state and want to preserve it as much as possible.

The party that believes in Lebanon wants the state, the judiciary, a single Lebanese army across all territories, and a single weapon that has no partner. On the other hand, the Lebanese party, which is in harmony with the Iranian strategy in the region, does not want the state but rather  its own statelet. This party does not want an independent judiciary, but rather wants his own judiciary. This party does not want a single Lebanese army, but rather its own one, and it does not want the Lebanese Army’s weapons, but rather its weapons and missiles, which no one knows when, how, and against whom it is directed!

What is happening in these critical days reminds us of what happened at the end of the Syrian occupation of Lebanon. On that day, the Sovereigns gathered, abandoned their hesitation, and decided to fight the battle to expel the Syrian, and they succeeded. Today, this is what is required again. The Iranians are imposing their control on Lebanon gradually through Hezbollah. If no one will put an end to Hezbollah and custody, the Lebanese formula will fall and Lebanon will die.

Lebanese are facing a big challenge, and a fateful question, which Lebanon do you want: Lebanese or Iranian state?

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