| 4 December 2021, Saturday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Will fuel prices lead to a social explosion?
  • Will Washington succeed in resuming border demarcation negotiations?
  • Are there any hidden attempts to blow up the parliamentary elections?

Out of a sudden, Lebanese people woke up in the morning to find the price of a gasoline canister exceeding 300,000 LBP, and statements have confirmed that its price could reach 400,000 LBP soon.

Thus, with one stroke of a pen, the price of the canister increased by 60,000 LBP. How did this happen? Is it permissible for the subsidy to blow up without any alternative? More specifically: Where is the ration card? Where is the transportation plan? Where are the plans to face the catastrophic socio-economic situation? But before all of that: Where is the government that raised the slogan “Together for the Rescue”?

When the government was formed about a month ago, we were optimistic and believed that a time out of the economic-social impasse had become possible. But the facts and developments belied our optimism, and showed that it is fake optimism based on false data. The “Together for the Rescue” government needs someone to save it from the flames of gasoline and the flames of the street. Chaos prevails in the streets by all standards. On the one hand, there is Tayouneh and Ain El Remmaneh Street, meaning the street of political and sectarian mobilization, and on the other hand, there is the street of the deteriorating economic situation, which extends all over Lebanon.

It is noteworthy that the challenges facing the “Together for the Rescue” government are escalating and becoming more complicated instead of being resolved. Starting from Beirut Port investigations to the dollar problem that continues to rise without a ceiling, and without a roof over the heads of the Lebanese that protects the rest of their deposits.

How will Prime Minister Najib Mikati deal with all these hurdles? Will he face it, or will he continue the policy of escaping forward, while all the Lebanese are taking great steps back every day, even every hour? Will anyone save us from the ‘Rescue Government’ before it is too late?