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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin- June 15, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

Baabda’s arrows shot at Berri and Hariri and an Emirati advice to the president- designate to apologize.

Only in Hezbollah’s statelet, a wanted dare to threaten army intelligence

The United Nations warns, a million Lebanese are threatened with starvation, so have we become a failed state?

Once again, President Nabih Berri proves that he is the first and most prominent dominator of the Lebanese political game, and once again it is confirmed that his meddling in government affairs complicated the file instead of facilitating it. Last Saturday, the prime minister-designate was about to apologize for not forming, But the Speaker of the Parliament intervened forcefully with Hariri to prevent him from taking the difficult decision. As there are two reasons, first for settling his scores with Gibran Bassil and with the covenant as a whole, and secondly because Hariri has become the best option for the Shiite duo, after he became their political hostage,  and after Hariri has handed his decision and the one  of those he represents, to the interests of Amal and Hezbollah.

And Thus, at the end of last week, the crisis returned to square zero, and it seemed that Hariri postponed his apology decision to another date, after President Berri asked for 5 days to accomplish his initiative. But everyone was aware that Berri’s initiative failed, not because of matters related to its details and implications, but because its owner, abandoned the role of governance and showed his true face, as his completely bias to Hariri. The response was issued by the Presidential Information Office, which called for relying on the constitution in the process of formation, and adhere to its provisions and not to expand its interpretation, so new norms and rules will be established out of its framework.

It is clearly obvious that the Presidency is targeting both Berri and Hariri, calling on the former not to interfere in what does not concern him constitutionally, and calls for the latter to adhere to the constitution, which means the necessity of coordinating  with the President exclusively, because in addition to the prime minister-designate, he is the only one concerned with forming the government.

How will this mess end?  And why does Prime Minister Hariri abandon his designated prime minister’s role for the two Khalilis’ interest sometimes, and Wafiq Safas’ another time, and finally for Nabih Berri’s? Is he really a designated prime minister, or have the deputies commission him, so they can play his role in forming the government? No, Mr. President, you are a designated prime minister, and not a mayor, so act on this basis, and take the decision that your conscience, who you represent and what you represent, dictate on you. Work on alleviating this country’s dilemmas, and don’t add to its sufferings, have mercy on the people because history does not, and will not be merciful.