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Sawt Beirut International news bulletin, March 27, 2022

Failed parliamentary bloc and arbitrary president!

Whoever listens to MP Nicolas Nahas’ speech today will discover why the country has reached what it has reached. Representative Nahas admitted in a radio interview that the Capital Control Law should have been implemented since 2016, and that if it had been passed that year, it would have saved the country many problems, and depositors with many losses.

Of course, confession is beautiful, but it carries a clear self-condemnation. The conviction is for Representative Nahas and his parliamentary bloc, that is, the bloc of Prime Minister Najib Mikati. This bloc, which has been in its current members since 2018, in the House of Representatives, what did you do to pass the Capital Control Law? Is it the task of the representative, in your opinion, to look into the media or to push for the adoption of laws that he believes in their ability to make a difference? In this context, what did MP Nahas and his bloc do? Did they form a pressure group within the House of Representatives to approve the Capital Control? According to our information, Najib Mikati’s bloc did nothing, just like the other blocs, which led us to the severe financial crisis whose consequences we all suffer.

And the timing bloc is a typical and vivid image of the parliamentary blocs as a whole, where neglect and failure dominate. Without forgetting, of course, the arbitrariness of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, who persists in his insistence that the Capital Control Law be included at the end of the Parliament’s session agenda.

Does Berri believe that even with the knowledge of economics and finance, I understand from the International Monetary Fund, which insists on implementing the law, and considers it the cornerstone for launching the economic recovery plan?

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