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Sawt Beirut International – News Bulletin- May 13, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • The expatriate’s funds were the only hope for the Lebanese. Will this source of income become an empty hope after the removal of subsidy?
  • Lebanese tourism sector is at its worst. But who cares?
  • A significant decline in COVID-19 new confirmed cases was noticed. What are the factors that contributed to such an improvement?

First of all, Happy Eid Al-Fitr. Second, at such a happy occasion, Lebanon remains suffering and witnessing its worst days, while its leaders, especially the Prime Minister designate, is taking advantage of the holiday to go on trips and celebrate, disregarding all what is happening inside the nation.

Amidst the fatal calm, some secrets are being revealed. Let’s start with the marketing of Najib Mikati’s candidacy as Prime Minister. Those who are responsible for such a propaganda have missed the fact that what applies to the current appointed Prime Minister Saad Hariri applies to Mikati, let us never forget that Mikati is an integral part of the system that pushed the country to the crises it is facing today. On one hand, Mikati is not qualified for many reasons to form a government of neutral specialists nor form a government able to achieve reforms. On the other hand, he is not eligible to preside a government whose mission is to strike corruption and punish the corrupt. Therefore, taking into consideration Hariri’s apology must firmly focus on an impartial person who is not indulged in the system’s games. That is, outside the corrupt failed structure that led people to poverty, and the country to collapse.

Are irresponsible officials waking up too late or will they keep hiding themselves like an oyster fleeing people, while plunging them in the dust of humiliation and brokenness?

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