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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletins – April 16, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • The families of Port Explosion victims are not welcomed in the palace, so how can we please “the father of all”?
  • A quarter of the subsidies is reserved to refugees, and the second quarter to smuggling. Who will stop the course of the collapse?
  • Beirut municipality is interested in planting poles and ignores its needy people

Believe it or not, what we are witnessing today in Lebanon is unbelievable. More than eight months have passed since the Beirut Port Explosion, and no truth has yet been revealed regarding the actors held accountable for the blast, those who have participated in the largest criminal bombing that Lebanon has witnessed. As a result, the criminals are being careless, and our officials are only concerned about blocking the judiciary to take any step forward or serious measures. The goal is one, not to be held guilty, responsible nor judged for their negligence, not even for their crimes.

We are all aware of this, nothing new. But the most shameful happening that occurred between the Baabda Palace departments and a delegation of families of Fire Brigade victims. Palace departments have scheduled an appointment for the delegation on the twentieth of this month to explain the suffering of the people to the President of the Republic, then retreated from the date on the pretext that certain questions could not be asked to the President of the Republic, nor to address him in an inappropriate manner. The ruling of the palace departments was issued after they had seen the full message that the delegation was supposed to deliver, which the first presidency considered offensive.

First of all, the way the Presidential Palace dealt with the families of the martyrs is unacceptable and even irresponsible. Victims’ families have paid the price of politicians’ negligence. Their children’s lives have suddenly ended, and their lives have turned upside down. Aren’t they at least entitled to meet the President of the Republic to express their suffering. Why are the families of the martyrs banned from asking questions? Isn’t there any value for their children, the victims? Or that their legislative immunity is above anything else, even above the blood of the martyrs?

No, Mr. President. They have chosen to call you “the father of all” the moment you took office, so is this how a father treats his children? Especially since these children are in pain, agonized and oppressed, at least until now. Your Excellency the President, give your instructions to the palace departments in order to allow the families of the martyrs to meet you. Martyrs’ victims are the ones who deserve to be heard and to acquire answers to their questions. Anything that happens otherwise, means that you are contributing, even if unintentionally, to wasting the truth and not willing to achieve justice.

  • Sawt Beirut International