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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – April 27th, 2022

Elections are not desired by the authorities!

From Tripoli to Beirut, negative signs cast doubt on the ruling authority’s true intentions… What happens at night and sometimes during the day in several Lebanese regions raises serious concerns about the election’s outcome. Obvuously, the security situation is still under control. Tensions, collisions, and even clashes, on the other hand, do not bode well.

Is it possible that the system decided to obstruct the elections? Is it true that certain security services are working on the issue and attempting to take-to-the-street? As a result, could these events lead to the election being postponed? The answers will become clear in the coming days, knowing that the intention of the ruling’s pillars is clear.

They are the ones who have repeatedly obstructed expatriate elections. They are the ones who insisted on passing the Capital Control Law in its current conditions, despite public outrage and street chaos. They were the ones who dealt with the Tripoli incident with remarkable coldness, which created obvious resentment among the Lebanese in general and Tripolitania in particular.

Is it reasonable that the government waited three days before convening a cabinet meeting to discuss the heinous incident? All of them are unsatisfactory indicators. As a result, vigilance and alertness are required to ensure that the authorities do not plan to implement a conspiracy to postpone the elections.

Dear Lebanese, your country needs you, and your electoral duty is calling. Make up your mind, choose your destiny!

  • Sawt Beirut International