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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Aug. 2, 2021

A brief of tonight’s news bulletin:

  • “To all those who are eager to listen to my thoughts, the formation process is not an open one,” warns Mikati.
  • Is the gasoline platform a mirage or a reality? How does a citizen guarantee his rights?
  • On the one-year anniversary of the port explosion, justice has been impeded and the truth has been buried.

The truth was disclosed openly, without ambiguity or ambiguity, in Baabda’s meeting today. Unlike the previous three meetings, the Prime Minister-designate did not appear to be at ease during his meeting with the President of the Republic today, as the latter publicly stated: “The formation path is no longer fast.”

The problem, according to the Prime Minister-designate, is with the Ministry of the Interior. President Aoun insists on owning the Interior Ministry in respect of the principle of rotation, the principle that hasn’t been welcomed by Mikati.

Recent developments show that no newborn cabinet will be set up anytime soon. Indeed, it appears as if it will never be, clearing the path for yet another apology. Mikati, on the other hand, has set no timeline for an apology because he does not want to lose ahead of elections and be blamed, even partially, for the problem, as Hariri was.

In terms of security, whatever the causes and details of what happened in Khaldeh yesterday, one should bear in mind that every illegal weapon whose bearers don’t receive orders from the state is a project of murder and the possibility of a crime, including, of course, ambushes. To put it another way, who has allowed himself to become an integral feature of the army-people duality? When will we be able to put a stop to this bizarre and nonsensical situation?

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