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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Dec. 1st, 2021

Shiite duo barrier blocks the government’s road!

  • Mikati grieving his initiative: cabinet on the right track, Council of Ministers’ meeting blcocked
  • Registration process for ration card has kicked off
  • the Joy of holidays isn’t the same anymore in such harsh living conditions

Despite the chaos that Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s visit to Rome triggered last week, it appears that his government’s path is neither impassable nor safe to be crossed this week, as all available data indicate that the movement of external and internal consultations is revolving in a vicious circle in light of the intransigence of the two parties of the Hezbollah Amal movement, and his unwillingness to restore things to their rightful place.

Five million Lebanese have become Hezbollah hostages in front of this militia roadblock established at the Grand Serail’s gate. Will Najib” get over the Shiite barrier and summon a session of the Council of Ministers, thus achieving a quorum, or will he go to resign in light of the Grand Serail’s blockage?

According to sources close to Mikati, the afore-mentioned is not the solution. On the one hand, he is attached to the cabinet presidential chair, and on the other, he does not want to disappoint the armed Shiite duo. This evidence suggests that the paralyzed Mikati cabinet was infected with the same virus that afflicted Hassan Diab’s government, with a higher dose.

As a result, Lebanon has passed the breaking point. The Lebanese Pound is sinking on a regular basis, and the dollar is unstoppable, as are the prices of drugs, fuel, and food. The “Minister of Diapers” who launched the ration card, which was released today, is not funded. Oh, Sorry, Minister Hector Hajjar, but when everyone got wet by ignorance, the Lebanese had no choice but to resort to diapers!

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