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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Jan. 29, 2022

Bahaa Hariri’s message to the Lebanese: A glimpse of hope to Sunni, Lebanese people 

The points of view presented by Sheikh Bahaa Hariri in his letter to the Lebanese yesterday are critical, whether at the Sunni or Lebanese level. In recent years, the Sunni community has suffered significantly. It was targeted both from inside and from beyond the region. The reason for targeting it is obvious: it is the sect of moderation, peace, and Arabism, the sect that abides by the Constitution and the Taif provisions.

The parties who do not want Lebanon to follow the right path targeted the Sunnis and were able to weaken and disperse their forces to the point where it appeared as if they had lost the ability to act and influence, despite the fact that as a Lebanese component, they have all the reasons to be at the forefront of the national march.

Sheikh Bahaa Hariri statements made yesterday regarding the role of the Sunnis and his refusal to be intimidated by the “non-representation” have brought hope to the souls, and he reiterated that the sect that was at the foundation of the independence state in 1943 will not abandon its founding role at the level of the Lebanese entity…and it is not only the Sunnis who are relieved, but all Lebanese.

People in Lebanon desire elections that will provide them with a glimpse of hope. They expected that Saad Hariri’s resignation from political field would result in a boycott by the Sunni community as a whole earlier this week. Bahaa Hariri’s viewpoint came to demonstrate the opposite, confirming once again that elections are taking place and that the late Prime Minister Rafic Hariri’s mission will continue!

Most significantly, these elections perfectly satisfy the expectations of the Lebanese, as proclaimed by Bahaa Hariri. The upcoming elections are to rebuild Lebanon and save the country from collapse and discrimination, to fight for sovereignty rather than dependency, and for people of Arab depth rather than those yearning for depth that is far away from Arabism.

In short, Bahaa Hariri’s words and announcements revived the Sunni community’s trust in Lebanon and restored hope to all Lebanese. It is a step on a thousand-mile journey that will surely finish with the attainment of independence and freedom!

  • Sawt Beirut International