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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Jan. 8th, 2022

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Political disputes rage, Aoun and Berri’s constitutional war ignites
  • Lebanese Dental Association’s elections will be held on Sunday, so will it survive from the chaos that occurred last time
  • Who will save Horsh Beirut from chaos, neglect, and encroachment?

The President of the Republic, in his latest speech, sent clear messages against Hezbollah, but the party remained silent! The head of the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) escalated in his latest press conference against Hezbollah, however, the party remained silent! The terrorist organization that forms Iran’s arm in Lebanon believes that actions speak louder than words, which is exactly what he practiced by means of intermediaries against the President of the Republic, and then against his son-in-law, Gebran Bassil.

What is meant by mediation here is President Nabih Berri, who became the party’s spearhead in “disputing” the President of the Republic and the head of the FPM. Thus, the political week ended with a double loss for the President and the FPM, as Aoun was forced to sign a decree inviting the Parliament to hold an exceptional session, although he was refusing that, before discovering that stubbornness is useless because Nabih Berri and Hezbollah, will secure the majority required to open an exceptional session.

Aoun also lost the battle of calling the Cabinet to convene in the next two days, Najib Mikati said while leaving Baabda Palace. As it turned out that Najib Mikati’s “day” is not less than two weeks, and therefore there is no cabinet meeting in the foreseeable future at least.

The third battle is related to the national dialogue table called for by the President of the Republic. All the information intersects with the assertion that the table is a stillborn project, and that it will remain so because the party does not want to discuss the defense strategy, after it was singled out for the years of Michel Aoun’s presence in the Baabda Palace.

So, once again, Hezbollah proves that it has turned the Presidency and the FPM into its hostages. If they do not act in accordance with Hezbollah’s interests and dictates, they will receive painful blows from the party’s truest ally: Nabih Berri.

Congratulations to Aoun and Bassil for their deadly and destructive alliance with Hezbollah, which stripped them of the legitimacy of government and the legitimacy of public opinion!

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