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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – June 12, 2022

Lebanon’s officials: They don’t care, are never ashamed!

Is there a country where the price of a can of gasoline matches the minimum wage? Yes, everything is possible in Lebanon! The price of a canister of gasoline reached  LBP 700,000, but the minimum salary stayed unchanged at LBP 675,000. Is there a bigger disguise than this one? Is it acceptable for the Lebanese to become one of the poorest peoples in the world? All irrational things can become reasonable under such a controlling structure.

Consider this: Lebanon’s economy is failing and its social situation is worsening, and it is seeking financial assistance from anyone in the globe. Nonetheless, our authorities disregard main issues just like maritime border delineation, stalling, procrastinating, and postponing as if they still had the luxury of time, or as if time was in their favor. The Lebanese officials did not respond to the queries posed by the American ambassador on his last visit to Beirut in February.

They did not awaken from their profound slumber until Israel made tangible steps to begin excavating. Worse, the authorities have failed to reach an agreement on how to tackle the demarcation issue, despite the fact that Amos Hochstein will begin discussions with Lebanese officials tomorrow.

The absence of Nabih Berri from the Baabda meeting yesterday demonstrates Lebanon’s lack of unity, as if he wished to express his dissatisfaction with President Michel Aoun’s management of the subject, or with President Aoun’s performance in conducting the discussions.

How long will our fate and future be related to officials and rulers who squander time and money and are apathetic or ashamed?

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