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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – March 4, 2022

Sunnis in Lebanon: Yes to elections!

Are the parliamentary elections going to be held on time? Will the Sunnis boycott the polls or participate in elections? Regarding the first question, extreme caution is required. The system, with the majority of its foundations, does not desire elections, regardless of the statements it issues.

The Free Patriotic Movement hopes to avoid the bitter cup since its party deputies will shrink from around 20 to approximately fifteen. Similarly, the Amal movement’s fragility and collapse will be shown through preferred votes, which will disclose it more and more to public opinion. The Marada movement, on the other hand, will be unable to grow the number of its deputies, and its highest objective is to retain the number of deputies it now has.

Furthermore, Hezbollah is uneasy with the shift in the Shiite street’s relative attitude, and it is fearful of the surprise of what is happening in one of the circles. So, the members of the system are extremely uneasy, and they may exploit any circumstance to impede the conduct of elections, and they regard it as an unavoidable evil that should be avoided as much as possible.

The Sunni population, on the other hand, will not boycott the polls, contrary to popular belief. It is a state and legitimacy sect that thinks that only legitimate institutions, particularly the Parliament, can effect change.

Because the revolutionary logic does not exist among Sunnis, they will vote in the next elections to have their voice and to prevent the revolutionary forces from completing their coup against Taif, the institutions, and the logic of the state. On May 15, the decision is clear: either with the state or against the state. Will we return to the logic of the state after such a lengthy loss?


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