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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – March 7th, 2022

They are eroding what remains of Beirut’s and Lebanon’s identity. And “they” refers to Hezbollah and everyone who believes in its cause and works to make it a reality. Consider what occurred in Biel, Beirut. The Arab Cultural Club strives to provide a positive cultural picture of Lebanon while demonstrating the originality of Lebanese culture and its Arab component.

Because of this, Wilayat al-Faqih supporters in Lebanon were agitated, outraged, and motivated, and they planned to print their own character at the Arab Book Fair in Beirut. It was no better than placing a photograph of Qassem Soleimani in the exhibition and urging a musical group to immediately stop the concert. The rationale is straightforward. Hezbollah and its allies oppose the Arabization of Beirut.

Since 1982, their objective has been clear: change Lebanon’s identity, shifting it from Arab to Persian. They, on the other hand, do not desire any music or art. They are disturbed by music, and the arts contradict their intentions. They desire a totally ideological and military society that knows nothing but their expansionist empire’s doctrines, beliefs, and dreams, and embraces their schemes of perpetual war.

Obviously the Lebanese do not want what Hezbollah wants, and they do not accept what Hezbollah accepts. As a result, the collision that happened in Biel between the bands and some of the organizers is expected, as are the beatings sustained today by activists who believe in Lebanon’s Arab identity.

The party that does not acknowledge Lebanon’s finality or Arabness, and draws its cues from Iran, wishes to erase what remains of Beirut’s identity. It’s a follow-up to May 7th and Black Shirt Day. But because the Lebanese were looking for them, several activists went to the show and screamed, “Beirut is free, free, and Iran get out now… ”

However, when is the slogan going to be fulfilled?”


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