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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – March 8th, 2022

Lebanon is withdrawing… Watch out for Iran!

Everything in Lebanon is on fire, including the economic condition. Social standing, political squabbles, and diplomatic disagreements The most essential issue is that costs are growing at an unprecedented rate, leaving citizens unable to keep up. It is worth noting that the Lebanese had nothing except the Ukraine issue to “finish” with him in every way…

He has been generally fatigued and drained since the fall of 2019, when the October 17 insurrection broke out, and the system used it as an excuse to drain his money and crazily hike the price of the dollar. Then followed the COVID-19 epidemic, which disrupted the commercial movement in Lebanon as well as the rest of the world.

To complete the matter, the Beirut port explosion took place, shaking what remained of confidence in the economic and political situation in Lebanon. Before the Lebanese could breathe a sigh of relief from the repercussions of all these dramatic incidents, the Ukrainian war came to destroy the elements of Lebanese steadfastness.

What is this curse, or series of curses, that has been following us for approximately two and a half years? Have we been able to proceed from one crisis to the next without the existence of an authority that ensures the minimum status of the Lebanese? What is this failed authority that controls the situation in Lebanon? And what is this corrupt system that has brought nothing but ruin and destruction to the Lebanese people? And when will the Lebanese have a government that truly cares for their interests instead of looking after the interests of states and regimes?

There is no chance as long as the Iranian remains in command of Lebanon’s decisions through his political-military pavilion, Hezbollah. Who is required to care about the wellbeing and prosperity of other peoples if he does not care about the welfare and success of his own people?

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