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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin- May 17, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • The government hangs on the presidents… Aoun is distracted by correspondence and Hariri is a tourist
  • Italy links its support to the formation … and Macron to move his initiative with European support
  • Public administration employees resort to strikes after the erosion of their salaries

On January 22, that is, exactly 5 days later, 8 months since Saad Hariri was appointed to form the government. And so far, it does not seem that the promised government will soon see the light, and more than that, not once over the past eight months, the prospective government seemed close to being attained, or that its birth was possible. The prominent problem facing authorship is clear, the deteriorating relationship between the President of the Republic and his team and the Prime Minister-designate and his team. Is it permissible for a people and a country as a whole to pay the price of a bad relationship between officials? Is it possible that officials in a country are acting according to the logic of political and personal maliciousness, far from the logic of statesmen?

In any case, Lebanon is used to paying high prices with these two officials. When they concluded the presidential political settlement, they turned it the deal of all times, economically and financially. This is how we lived for nearly three years, an era of deals and quotas between the two parties, and there was no real problem between them because material interests were secured and because the goods of the country were distributed publically. Today, the situation is different, because after October 17th, it is not the same as before. The deals have become very confined, because there are now those who ask who and those who are held accountable, thus the tambourine has burst, and yesterday’s allies and lovers of benefiting from the country’s wealth are dispersed, and the close dispute between them is resolved. This is how the tambourine inflated, and yesterday’s allies and lovers with benefiting from the country’s wealth dispersed, and the entrenched dispute between them was resolved. Today, the two officials are wasting time, each on his way. The President of the Republic preaches messages, the last of which is to President Macron, while Hariri prefers to stay away from Lebanon as much as possible so he does not get a headache by worrying about government formation. Congratulations to us for our responsible, as we pay the price with them twice. When they agree, they enjoy the benefits of the country, and when they disagree, the situation in the country collapses.

  • Sawt Beirut International