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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin- May 26, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Finally, the General Labor Union kicked off its movements, so will the public unrest begin?
  • Shall we be optimistic about the government’s birth, amid the new arising conditions?
  • Starting from June, travel tickets to be paid in fresh dollars, and travel agencies will incur huge losses

Ostensibly, the optimism that prevails indicates that forming a government will be soon, as the Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri have succeeded in his endeavor, which aimed at finalizing the formation process. But in reality, nothing have been changed, as the hitches that stalemate the process are not resolved yet.

The first hurdle is the third block, although the President Aoun denies that he requested the block third for himself. But as the “Free Patriotic Movement” and the “Lebanese Forces” refuse participating in the government, President Aoun will name at least eight ministers, after appointing two ministers from Marada Movement, one minister from the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, and one minister from the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. Officials have agreed on forming a government of 24 ministers, however, there are still obstacles related to the Ministry of Interior, as President Aoun insists on Hariri’s previous waiver for this ministry. While Hariri considers that Aoun cannot nominate the Interior Minister, unless his party renounces the Justice Ministry.

The details above prove that there isn’t so far any serious decision to resolve the government impasse. More than that, the main obstacle that prevented Hariri from forming a government, is the absence of any Arab and Gulf support.

So is it possible for Hariri to form a government that can save the country from collapse, within a total absence for a support from Arab and Gulf countries. For all the reasons above, the government which is expected in two weeks may not see the light unless there is robust external support, and when it becomes a priority for officials who are able to put an end to this governmental deadlock. Did the local and international conditions become mature for forming a government, or all that we see is an illusion?

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