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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Nov. 1st, 2021

Who is Lebanon’s defender against its own government?

Sadly, it seems like there is absolutely no good news on the horizon. In the absence of any real official action, the country has begun a hazardous spiral. Lebanese imports to Saudi Arabia ceased when the dollar reached 21,000 Lebanese pounds. In conformity with Saudi directives, all mail from Lebanon to the Kingdom has been halted. The United Arab Emirates’ stance is equally as radical as Saudi Arabia’s.

The Ambassadors and Emirati staff in the UAE Embassy in Lebanon would not return unless Lebanese sovereignty is restored, according to Sawt Beirut International, and the UAE will sell the embassy’s headquarters in Lebanon. As a result, we are facing an unparalleled crisis in the Republic’s history. For the first time, Lebanon is becoming increasingly isolated from its Arab neighbors, for the first time ever. This is due to the fact that our authorities have not assumed their obligations in at least five years.

The President of the Republic, for instance, is well-aware that the main reason for all of these crises hitting Lebanon is Hezbollah, its weaponry, its intimidation, and his control over Lebanese decisions, particularly strategic decisions. What has he accomplished since the start of his reign, that is, five years ago? Nothing at all. He did not even bother to convene a meeting to consider the military policy, i.e. the decision on war and peace. He wants to safeguard his allies Hezbollah from any accountability or regulations for this reason. Does it fall under the President of the Republic’s responsibility to protect a party, or the nation itself? On another hand, the Prime Minister isn’t any better. He is content to ask the Information Minister to put his patriotic instincts ahead of anything else, but he regrets that his request has not been practically achieved.

Are governments directed and managed through wishes and appeals? Isn’t it necessary for Prime Minister Najib Mikati to take a decisive position today in order to avoid the hazardous decline that he predicted? All of this casts doubt on the Foreign Minister’s historic statement calling for talks to address the diplomatic crisis with Saudi Arabia. To the Honorable Minister, how did you come up with such a new diplomatic tactic? Oh, God, first and foremost, preserve Lebanon from its officials, before anything else!

  • Sawt Beirut International