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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Nov. 29, 2021

Hezbollah shows true tyranny during Syndicate Elections!

  • Is Hezbollah’s intimidation of the dentists’ elections a dress rehearsal for the legislative elections?
  • A day of rage and road closures to demonstrate against the deterioration of living conditions
  • The streets are raging, but Aoun headed to Qatar to attend a sporting event

Prior to yesterday’s barbarous events, the Dentists’ Syndicate was not involved in politics. It is true that it is a renowned union in terms of professionalism and science, but it has never been included in the framework of significant unions in terms of establishing political and popular presence. But what occurred yesterday drastically altered the situation. Despite the union’s lack of political significance, Hezbollah was dissatisfied with its defeat, so its masters invaded it by force, resulting in purposeful turmoil and pandemonium.

After the ballot papers went dispersed on the ground, the elections were called off. It represents a new image of Hezbollah’s democracy, respect for others, and appreciation for elections and freedom of expression. Is it legal for partisan physicians to damage vote boxes? Is it acceptable for Hezbollah supporters to enter the election hall and tamper with the electoral process and vote counting in front of everyone’s eyes?

In any event, what occurred is only a simplified depiction of what is occurring in the parliamentary elections as a result of Hezbollah’s performance and methods. We all recall him tearing up images of his opponents in the south and the Bekaa. We are all familiar with the burning of the automobiles of the competition regulations delegates. And we are all aware of the pressure he puts on the competing candidates, either to dissuade them from running or to persuade them to withdraw.

All of this, however, was taking place in two distinct areas of Lebanon: the south and the Bekaa. Yesterday, the party used the idea of decentralization and brought the spirit of tyranny to the center of the capital, especially to the heart of a syndicate known for its remarkable and graceful democratic performance.

Congratulations on the spread of Hezbollah’s culture of canceling the other from the Bekaa and the south to Beirut, and thank you for a party that, day after day, becomes a symbol of oppression and enslavement via violence and undemocratic rule!

  • Sawt Beirut International