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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Oct. 28, 2021

Is the authority going to hold elections on March 27th? 

All political parties appear to seek elections. However, words don’t always turn into actions. What happened today in Parliament proves that many political forces do not want to go through the democratic process. On the contrary, they are seeking the extension of the current Parliament’s mandate. The fact that the debate in the Parliament was so heated is not a coincidence. Also, the fact that the Free Patriotic Movement’s deputies and Head withdrew from the session, contesting the validity of voting on the law by a majority of 61 votes rather than the absolute majority constitutionally required by 65 deputies, is not a minor point.

This issue will almost certainly result in legal action, and a lawsuit will be eventually filed before the Constitutional Council. Moreover, the FPM deputies will resort to legal action as an objection to the Law stipulating the expats’ vote to 128 deputies instead of six, and to the election date that was arranged earlier from May to March.

How will the elections proceed if they are ruled from the start by these objections and legal lawsuits? Furthermore, notwithstanding what has been reported, the security situation is not favorable. The political, sectarian, and sectarian atmospheres have been heated and a fire of fanaticism of all kinds has erupted. Is it possible to hold elections in such an environment full of tensions?

Further than that, is the tension natural and the product of a certain political course, or is it the result of deliberate political scheming to prevent elections from taking place? Because its popularity was “impoverished” and because the Lebanese Forces have shown their popular dominance after Ain Al-Remmaneh incidents, it is evident that the Free Patriotic Movement does not desire elections at this time.

At last but not least, Hezbollah also does not want its Christian “umbrella” in Parliament to shrink and appear for what it is in the 2022 elections. As a result, you Lebanese must prepare to fight the battle of elections, even if it means going up against the Free Patriotic Movement and its ally, Hezbollah. Who will win the preference vote in this pre-election battle?

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