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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Oct. 31, 2021

Michel Aoun’s reign was the worst ever in the Republic’s history!

Michel Aoun took over the presidency for the first time exactly five years ago. He offered the slogan of the powerful covenant as he entered the Baabda Palace. Unfortunately, the term remained a marketing slogan and never became a reality.

What powerful era may witness such a socioeconomic downturn? And when was the last time the dollar price rose from a thousand five hundred Lebanese pounds to over twenty-one thousand? What powerful period would witness Lebanon’s dissociation from its native range, the Arab range? What powerful era is it in which the state is shattered and Hezbollah grows stronger than the state? What is a powerful era without judicial formations because the President of the Republic wants a piece of a power that must be independent of political power? What is a strong era when the majority of the five years of the reign have passed with either a government that is nearly paralyzed or governments that are solely concerned with business?

To recount the failures of Michel Aoun’s tenure, we would have needed many pages, if not books. As a result, we should take a moment to reflect on the recent crisis precipitated by Information Minister George Kordahi. What initiative did the republic’s powerful president take? At the diplomatic level, Lebanon has been semi-isolated by the Gulf, and the isolation may spread to other Arab countries.

So, what did Michel Aoun accomplish? What is this robust covenant that has not yielded a single result in the national interest for the past five years? What about a president who promised at the start of his term that he is “the father of all,” but who has now devolved into a group incapable of performing either the duty of government or the genuine role allocated to the President of the Republic?

In sum, the strong covenant is the weakest and most ineffective covenant in the republic’s history, to the point where most Lebanese are now begging for a “weak” covenant to take office, hoping to remedy their suffering caused by the strong covenant!

  • Sawt Beirut International