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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – October 1st, 2021

A brief of tonight’s News Bulletin:

  • What is left of the collapsing Taif Agreement thirty years after it was concluded?
  • The Mikati regime is attempting to restrict journalists and blame them for the unrest.
  • A bank went out of its way to seize the cash of its depositors!

Anything is possible under a strong covenant. Even taboos and superstitions crumble and fall until they are no longer controversial topic! Do you believe, for example, that in the twenty-first century, many people in Lebanon sell their organs due to financial hardship? The British daily “The Times,” which is recognized for its seriousness and prudence, sadly reported that the Coordinator at the National Commission for the Donation and Transplantation of Human Organs, Farid Younan, explained that the phenomenon began with Syrian refugees and then spread to include Lebanese suffering from poverty, preferring to sell their organs in order to survive.

Have any of our officials been detained as a result of this distressing news, which breaches the most fundamental human rights? Did any of the President of the Republic or the Parliament Speaker, try to address the situation despite the fact that things are always moving backwards? What about the Prime Minister and his “freshly-appointed” ministers, who have been praising reforms since their appointment? Whatever the case may be, everything related to this system is available for purchase! How can we blame people for selling their organs in a country where the leaders and authorities offer the populace at the lowest possible price?

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