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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin – Sep. 17th, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Who will receive the European sanctions first?
  • Institute of International Finance to SBI: Mikati’s success is 50%
  • Will Saudi Arabia save the apple season?

Every day, the President of the Republic surprises us with a new shocking position. But the last position of President Aoun, was difrent that we did not expect to hear it one day! he assured the Lebanese that the last year of his term will be the year of real reforms, considering that it hasn’t been possible to achieve anything until now due to some, whom were giving priority to their personal interests and by forming a system that has closed the doors to any reform.

Doesn’t he realize that this contentment bothers because it is not realistic at all?
Does Aoun really believe that the reform, which he hasn’t been unable to initiate for five years, will be accomplished in the last year of his term?
Doesn’t he know that the last year of every president’s term in Lebanon is the year of preparation for the presidential elections, so what if this year has three major electoral entitlements: Parliamentary, municipal, and then presidential?

More than that: Does the President of the Republic really think that he and his movement are outside the system that controls the situation in Lebanon?
The Free Patriotic Movement has been an essential part of the executive authority for more than ten years, and therefore it is a part of the system that robbed Lebanese people’s money and what happened in the Ministry of Energy is a proof.

Since 2009, the Free Patriotic Movement has controlled this ministry, which took about fifty billion dollars from the public treasury, half of the public debt.
Doesn’t that indicates that any real reform should begin with the Free Patriotic Movement in particular, and that the criminal scrutiny must first pass on the pampered son-in-law of the president?
The proverb says: O doctor, heal yourself, and according to it, it can be said: O reformer, reform yourself and your party!

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