| 6 October 2022, Thursday |

SBI’s News Bulletin: Vatican informs Rahi: “We are disappointed from Aoun’s remarks”

Two questions addressed to Nabih Berri:

We really live in a country of wonders, and the main reason is that we find late solutions for our problems.

We waited for the intensification of the crisis between banks, judiciary and the central bank governor to consider setting up a committee to deal with the crisis and find a new approach to the relationship between the judiciary and the banking sector.

Fundamentally, this committee should have existed ever since judge ghada aoun started accusing the bank sector in a Discretionary way.

Why is the cabinet so late? And where were the presidents and ministers? Why did they wait for the last cabinet session to decide to set up a committee led by the Minister of Justice to resolve the problems?

Sure, they don’t have an answer. We all know that the main reason is negligence, lack of seriousness and responsibility.

The same goes to the parliament, for almost 30 months, the country has been experiencing a serious financial crisis and depositors are paying the consequences of random banking operations.

However, there was no review of the capital control law in the parliament, is it fair for us to remain victims of nabih berri’s discretion?

Are we in a parliamentary democratic country or a tribal organization? The question is addressed to nabih berri, is there an answer?


  • Sawt Beirut International