| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

A lawyers report against Beirut municipality.. crime of wasting public money

Lawyers Ali Kamal Abbas, Wasif al-Haraka, Hani al-Ahmadiyya and Jad Tohme submitted a notification to the Financial Prosecutor, Judge Ali Ibrahim, on April 21 , registered under the number 21/1430, 2021, for the offense of the great waste of public money in the Beirut municipality, in rehabilitating the garden of the martyr Mufti Hassan Khaled project.  And the establishment of car parks underneath, which resulted in the destruction of the park, the elimination of the heritage of the city and the remaining green spots which were an outlet for the capital, the eradication of old trees and the unlawful seizure  of millions of dollars.

They demanded the opening of a comprehensive and transparent investigation, leading to the accountability of all those involved, including officials, contractors, consultants, and everyone involved or interfered in the investigation.