| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

Abdel Samad partakes in “Generation Equality Forum” virtual conference: We are committed to the signed charter in favor of gender equality

Caretaker Minister of Information, Dr. Manal Abdel Samad Najd, on Friday participated in the “Generation Equality Forum” virtual conference, during which she delivered a word affirming the Ministry’s commitment to the signed charter in the interest of gender equality.

Minister Abdel Samad called for destroying the social and gender stereotypes and rendering every female journalist a role model for the young generation to identify with.

Opening up her delivered word, Abdel Samad pointed out that the principle of equality between men and women has been the subject of centuries-old debate, adding that “gender stereotypes are at the core of this phenomenon.”

“Media outlets play a major role in combatting these stereotypes due to their impact on citizens. If the Lebanese Ministry of Information is a signatory to the charter for the commitment of cultural and creative industries for equality between women and men, this is because the Ministry is convinced of the important role it can play in implementing this equality and in raising awareness against gender discrimination,” Minister Abdel Samad corroborated.

Abdel Samad added: “So far, several measures have been taken to ensure equality between men and women, and these measures are implemented on a dual level: Application of this equality within our institution and raising awareness on equality through the media.”

  • NNA