| 22 April 2024, Monday |

Abou Chakra, no fuel price table today, and Brax, humilation queues could be back.

Representative of fuel distributors, Fadi Abu Chakra, revealed via a radio interview, that no fuel price scheduale will be issyed today, adding that “the citizen bears the rise in prices. Is it reasonable that the state cannot set a ceiling for the dollar?”

Abu Chakra stressed that “if this ceiling is not to be set, and if the black market dollar exchange rate does not decrease, all prices will rise.”

Earlier today, member of the fuel Owners Syndicate, George Brax indicated that “the owners of the stations incur a loss of 2500 pounds from their commission for each gas plate due to the difference in the dollar exchange rate, as they buy at 30,000 pounds from the markets, while it is calculated in the current price synthesis table on the 28,800 pounds.” . The lack of a new schedule today increases this loss.”

He added: “When the authority wants to compel the stations to sell fuel at a specific price and in Lebanese pounds, it must secure the dollar itself for import… the owners of the stations are not money changers.”