| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

Aboul Hosn: We will join efforts to fight fire causes

Member of the Parliament Hadi Aboul Hosn stressed “the importance of cooperating with the Ministry of Agriculture, municipalities, civil defense, civil and environmental associations, to prevent fires that cause catastrophic physical, financial, and moral damage.”

He offered a tribute to the civil defense martyrs who died while carrying out their duties, and said: “I put myself as a soldier in our pre-emptive battle to combat the fire causes, for the sake of the environment and its beauty. Abuol Hosn welcomed all fruitful initiatives and constructive ideas. “We have proven through experiences that the successful ideas in this region are done thanks to good intentions, solidarity, and joint efforts with the elite,” he said.

He dealt with “the main geographical and human factors that are divided into fires that break out by mistake, and intended fires with multiple backgrounds, in addition to the natural factors,” stressing “the seriousness of work in confronting this crisis, to prevent its recurrence, as in previous years.” Recalling the slogan, “with cooperation we rise and with solidarity we continue”.

  • Sawt Beirut International