| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

Abu Sharaf: To keep political hand away from National Drug Agency

Head of the Lebanese Doctors Syndicate in Beirut, Sharaf Abu Sharaf, stressed that the doctor and the citizen, and all workers in the health sector, must keep the political hand away from the National Medicines Agency, and return to our morals, and if we work in a scientific way, the situation can be controlled.
Abu Sharaf pointed out via a television interview that the Ministry of Health is working hard to secure medicines for chronic and cancerous diseases, and it seems that these medecines are being secured and a paper is opened for the patient through his doctor, for the medicines he needs,” noting that “ if the basic medicineit does not exist, we cannot work.”
On the emigration of doctors and nurses, Abu Sharaf said that “the economic conditions we suffer from, have led to highly qualified doctors emigrating, and the problem with nurses is similar, and the large number in the health sector manages to cover the shortage.”