| 13 April 2024, Saturday |

Abyad: Corona is a treacherous virus … and loose societal behavior is our worst enemy

The director of Rafic Hariri University Hospital, Firas Abyad, published a series of tweets via Twitter, stating:

“There is always hope. There is no doubt that the recent decline in corona cases among health care workers is due to the vaccine. As more individuals receive the vaccine, which is available in greater quantities, A similar decrease will be observed across the country. However, 78 deaths due to corona have been reported in the past two days.

The majority of deaths occurred in patients over the age of 75, a group of which more than 50% were vaccinated. It is too early to draw conclusions, the observed decrease in hospitalization is a good sign.Of course, it is too early to celebrate, as there are two things that could derail this progress.

During the past days, people have resumed their normal lives, whether at work or leisure. The observed commitment to wearing the face mask or the spacing was not high. The decrease in the number of cases may lead to more people being reluctant to follow safety procedures. In the past, this triggered a new wave of the Coronavirus.

The new, faster and more deadly corona variants can evade the immunity that the vaccine provides. Limited surveillance efforts, low adherence to safety measures, and leniency at borders are ideal conditions for the spread of the mutated virus. Fatigue from lockdown measures also helps.

In short, it is important that the launch of the vaccine now accelerates at a rapid pace, and we must all combat the reluctance to receive the vaccine. Vigilance is still required, Corona is a treacherous virus. Loose societal behavior remains our staunch enemy, while scientific pursuit and development has proven to be our best hope. “