| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Abyad: To increase social immunity through vaccine

Minister of Public Health Firas Abyad visited Abdullah Al-Rassi Governmentalal Hospital in Halba.

He said, “The number of corona infections is increasing daily,and large numbers of citizens are admitted to hospitals, and this is a worrying matter, especially the situation of hospitals in light of the conditions we are going through, so the best way to protect ourselves is to increase community immunity through the vaccine.” Therefore, we launched campaign that started yesterday where the turnout was very good, and today what we see is that the number of citizens who want to be vaccinated is large, and this is what comforts citizens and makes them receive the vaccine in an organized manner.”

Abyad added: “The Akkar governorate concerns us, because the vaccination rate is low, and it is important for us to raise this percentage quickly before the arrival of the new mutant.”

In response to a question about the fear of the mutant spread , he said: “The numbers will increase in Lebanon, like other countries, so it is important for us to speed up and increase societal immunity.”

On the support of the health sector, he said: “We agreed with the World Bank, which raised the rate of tariffs charged by hospitals from the Ministry of Health by three and a half times, and we spoke with the President about the workers in government hospitals in terms of their equality with workers in the public administration and the need to include them in social assistance and increase transportation allowances, adding, “In my opinion, this is not enough. There is support that is supposed to come to hospitals, and currently there is a loan from the Islamic Development Bank.”