| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Agriculture Minister: Support of friendly countries is required to reach recovery stage

Minister of Agriculture, Abbas Hajj Hassan, considered that “the existing situation is very difficult, but not impossible, and PM Najib Mikati’s visit to the French capital, Paris, and his meeting with President Emmanuel Macron is very positive, and the atmosphere also confirms that the French support is renewed”.

“The Government of Lebanon and the Ministry of Agriculture need the support of all friendly and brotherly countries, and Arab countries in particular, until we reach a stage of economic and agricultural recovery, which ensures that farmers remain on their lands and alleviates the widespread misery, whether in the suburbs of Beirut or in the remaining country regions,” Hajj Hassan emphasized.

His words came before a delegation of the “Baalbek Media Forum”, who visited him at his residence in the town of Shaath on Sunday.

“Through this media meeting, I make an appeal to the donor and friendly countries that have always supported Lebanon, to the United Nations and to all the organizations that support Lebanese farms,” Hajj Hassan said.

He added: “We, at the Ministry of Agriculture, are developing a plan that will be presented to all these bodies, in order to find funding for projects targeting small, middle-income and large farmers, so that there will be an integrated agricultural economic cycle in the near future.”

The Agriculture Minister also pledged to exert every effort to render Lebanon’s nature reserves among his Ministry’s priorities in the coming months.

  • NNA