| 13 June 2024, Thursday |

AL-Kataeb: Situation will not change as long as there is a submissive Parliament to Hezbollah’s will.

The Phalanges’ Political Bureau held its weekly periodic meeting headed by the party leader, Sami Gemayel, and after deliberation, the following statement was issued:

The Politburo discussed past week’s events, which confirmed that Lebanon has lost all elements of  state, as the borders are loose from north to south, smuggling to the west and Captagon factories are flourishing, while institutions are confiscated, starting from the Parliament to the judiciary and security agencies, which are being explored by political parties. The system that, after it handed over the country and its people to Hezbollah to carry out its major cross-border wars, devoted itself to its small wars over spoils and positions, leaving the Lebanese people hostage to humiliation, poverty and want.

The Politburo saw that the first fence of the country is its borders, a symbol of sovereignty, and that the prevailing chaos today confirms the blatant collusion between the mafia and the militia to transform Lebanon into a failed state and draw it into agendas that serve external interests at the expense of the country’s identity and its historical role, leading to its isolation from countries that can help it get out of its crisis with the aim of nailing it down.