| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

Al-Kataeb: The shepherd’s words are historical, and the main step is to overthrow the system in order to restore official institutions

The Phalanges’ Political Bureau discussed the latest developments in its periodic meeting headed by party leader Sami Gemayel, and at the end of the meeting, the following statement was issued:

In the speech of Patriarch Al-Rahi at the meeting in Bkerke, the Phalangist Politburo read a historic position in a delicate circumstance that the country is going through. It is imperative to re-correct the constants and consolidate the foundations of saving Lebanon.

It believed that the speech of Patriarch Al-Ra’i emulates the constants of the Phalangist Party, which he kept repeating with a mouthful mouth, and it is the only way to save Lebanon and rebuild it on solid foundations of a new centenary, so there is no distinction between one citizen and another, and there is no participation in sovereignty or involvement in external axes in order to prevent the loss of Lebanon’s identity and the cause of its existence.

The Phalanges Party reaffirms the importance of friendly countries assuming their responsibilities towards a member state of the United Nations and the Arab League by helping to implement international decisions that restore Lebanon’s free decision and the right of its children to sovereignty, freedom, decent living and self-determination.

The abolition of the parliamentary elections has become evident, in an attempt by the failed system to renew itself, in an effort to block the path of democratic change that is coming through the ballot boxes, which will produce a change opposition that will redraw Lebanon in the image of the young women and young men of October the 17th.

In this context, the Phalange Party affirms that the main step to start pulling Lebanon out of its cycle is to restore official institutions by overthrowing the current symbols of the system who have mortgaged the country with their quotas and settlements for weapons and the brutality of corruption for years.

The ruling system turns a blind eye to the rolling collapse of the economic and social situation, which is leading the Lebanese to the bottom in the midst of proliferating crises on various levels.

The dollar touches the 10,000,000 pounds, and the commercial markets that opened their doors yesterday found themselves in front of a clinical death that threatens what remains of the crumbs of a commercial movement, while the financial authorities are watching and politics are fighting.

Therefore, the Phalanges Party calls for the immediate initiation of the formation of a government of fully independent competencies from head to members, far from the parties of the system and its approach, to play its role and devote itself to restoring Lebanon on the path of economic and social recovery, for a transitional phase, during which it prepares for parliamentary elections that are binding after one year, with independent administration and international supervision.

source, Al Kataeb