| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Amin: ” We are facing a big problem regarding medicines.”

Head of the Syndicate of Pharmacists Ghassan Al-Amin confirmed that “there are pharmacies that can no longer go on, and we have a big problem in receiving  subsidized and unsupported medicine.
Al-Amin explained via a television interview that “the Minister of Health in the caretaker government, Hamad Hassan, has priced medicines at 12,000 pounds, and importers do not accept delivering at this price,” noting that “there is a group of people who are unable to buy medicine, whatever the price is.”

The medicine crisis is still worsening in Lebanon, with expected significant hike in prices, after the Ministry of Health issued new price regulations for medicines at the exchange rate of 12,000 pounds to the dollar, in response to Banque du Liban governor’s decision, after it was calculated at the price of 1500 pounds.

Hassan took the decision to lift subsidies on medicines which prices are less than 12 thousand pounds, while he kept subsidies on chronic and incurable diseases’ medicines, infant formula, vaccines, and psychological and neurological diseases, increasing the prices of most medicines between 4 and 6 times.