| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Archbishop Audi tackles developments with Ministers of Interior, Information

Archbishop Elias Audi, the Metropolitan of Beirut, greeted Judge Bassam Mawlawi, the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, and Ziad Al-Makary, the Minister of Information, on Thursday.

Following the meeting, Mawlawi stated that he covered a wide range of topics with Audi, particularly those that concern individuals’ daily lives.


“We are thoroughly following up on legal matters nationwide,” Mawlawi said, adding that preparations for elections are going in a very good way. “We are on time, but rather ahead of time,” he added.

Audi also had an audience with Al-Makary, who said on emerging that his visit aimed at briefing the Archbishop on the activities of the Ministry of Information and on how it planned to handle with the electoral deadline.

“We’ve also discussed issues that involve the Lebanese youth, and the need to put forward projects so that they remain in the country. We also highlighted the paramount importance of the Pope’s visit to Lebanon,” Al-Makary added.



  • NNA